School Websites

Web Design, Development, Hosting and Support

Beautiful, engaging, fully responsive websites, built around the worlds most popular and versatile content management system, WordPress.

An effective website is now a long-established prerequisite for any school, regardless of its size, phase or location. In addition to the statutory requirements surrounding your website and its contents, it also serves as an essential first point of contact for parents, your local community and others wishing to contact your school. A good website can also be an excellent place to promote your school and to celebrate the achievements of your students.

The growing use of mobile technology by web users now demands that websites are responsive, i.e. they will change layout automatically according to the size and aspect ratio of the screen they are being viewed upon, rather than simply loading a much smaller version of the desktop layout onto a tiny screen. Websites that don’t work in this way inevitably result in a dissatisfying experience for mobile users, who are likely to outnumber desktop users by a considerable margin.

In addition to designing and building an attractive, user-friendly, fully responsive website for your school, I also offer longer-term maintenance solutions, including developmental and security updates to the site and its underlying content management system. Because Mooma Media provides photo and video services, I can also ensure that your site is populated with the most effective and up to date content, keeping it looking fresh and making it a constant reflection of the excellent work going on in your school.

An imagined example school website can be viewed here.

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