Projects & Workshops

Media projects can be a great way to develop and showcase creative writing and oracy skills, along with exploring the STEM aspects of media production processes. You may well already have a great media project in mind for your school or class, but here are a few suggestions that you might consider.

Student-Centred Promotional Video


This project involves working with your students to produce a short marketing film for your school. This can either be developed and filmed during an intensive block of activity, normally a week or during day-long sessions over several weeks, depending upon your requirements and my availability.

All equipment necessary to film and edit the project is supplied by Mooma Media; meaning that all that’s needed from the school is an eager student team (usually 8 – 12 people), a base to work from, a list of your core values and unique selling points, and a little time to liaise with your SLT during various stages of production. Students will typically be involved on both sides of the camera as they tell your school’s story, using spoken and visual language that is relevant to their age group.

*Please note that unfortunately, this project does not typically accommodate a whole class at the same time throughout its duration!

Stop-Motion Animation


In an age of super-realistic CGI and super-slick motion graphics, the hands-on, authenticity of stop-motion animation remains a huge fascination for young people. Learning how pioneers like Ray Harryhausen literally invented methodology and technology as they filmed, and then using the convenience of digital image capture to create their own stop motion work; students will be as enthralled by the magic of animation as we are by the boundlessness of their imagination.

Depending upon age group, animation workshops can contain a range of elements including historical examples and technical explanation; mind mapping, storyboarding and scripting; drawing flipbooks, creating animated maquettes, and claymation characters; chroma-key (green screen) superimposition. All workshops culminate in tabletop video animation, with finished films shared on the big screen and copies provided to the school on a flash drive or via the cloud at the end of the session.

Workshops last around 2  hours (not including setup or breaks) and cost £175.00 for a single morning or afternoon workshop, with a full day (two workshops) costing £295.00. Discounts are available for booking multiple sessions.

Schools need to provide iPads and to install two free apps. All other materials are supplied by Mooma Media.

The above animation was filmed and edited using an iPad and two free apps: Stop Motion Studio and iMovie. Add to these some modelling clay and a sheet of green card and you have a great little animation setup that kids will love.

Magazine Programme


Using a combination of location filming and a portable TV studio, students create a magazine-style programme about their school. During location filming, students take on either reporter or interviewee roles in front of the camera, or camera operator/sound recordist roles behind the camera. Back in the studio students can work either as presenters/anchors to link stories or as technicians to operate cameras and switch/mix between video feeds to create a finished programme.

This project is ideal for delivery with several smaller groups of students, each of which works separately on self-contained articles, before bringing these together for the studio presentation. Typically a class is divided into groups of four, with each group scripting and filming their short article over half a day. A final group then creates a script of links, which they present in the studio interspersed with playbacks of the pre-recorded articles.

All equipment is supplied by Mooma Media and the project is best delivered over several days, with each group working for half a day on their contribution.

*Please note that unfortunately, this project does not typically accommodate a whole class at the same time throughout its duration!

Mini Film Festival (script to screen)


Logistically similar to the Magazine Programme; in this project, students work in small groups, this time preparing a short film in either a drama, comedy or documentary style, usually to a class decided theme. Each group will work with an experienced filmmaker; to develop a story, script/storyboard and shooting list, before capturing footage and finally editing this together to produce their final cut. Individual groups can potentially be as large as 8, including actors and crew, with each group typically requiring a day to complete their project*.

When all the films are complete, a viewing session where everyone joins together to watch the films is held and each group receives feedback on their work. Prizes for films can also be awarded by a panel of judges if desired.

All filming and editing equipment is supplied by Mooma Media, through a school’s own projector or large screen TV would normally be used for the final screening.

*Please note that unfortunately, this project does not typically accommodate a whole class at the same time throughout its duration!