On-site chroma-key (green screening)

Make the impossible possible with a portable green screen in your school.

Using a technique called Chroma-Keying, still-photographs or video footage can transport a subject to a distant place or an imaginary world. Chroma Key composites can provide a perfect stimulus for creative writing projects, and are ideal for giving visual context to students’ history, science or geography presentations. Mooma Media’s portable green screen setup can also be used successfully in school newsroom and live broadcast projects.

Good even, flat lighting is key to effective results when using a green screen. Difficulties are almost always down to shadows and other inconsistencies in the lighting of the screen itself, or inadequate lighting for the subject, giving poor separation from the background. Other issues can be caused by clothing, that is too close in colour to the green screen, being keyed out during the process. Experience working with these techniques means that Mooma Media’s green screen projects deliver excellent results that will excite students and delight parents when they see the finished results.