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There are any number of reasons why a school may require high quality images to promote its work, which fall beyond the scope of school portrait companies that visit schools annually. Mooma Media offers sensibly priced photographic servicves, on a bespoke bassis, in order to record events, projects or activities that schools feel are worth capturing with high quality images. 

I can visit your school for as little as £35.00*, capturing photos and supplying high resolution .jpg files along with website ready copies, made available immediately, via email or the cloud. Perfect for documenting a curriculum project, presentation or short performance. 

For a photography quote, please use the contact page of my main website: 

* Up to 30 minute visit, includes photography and on-site post-processing, with photos transferred to a customer supplied memory stick/cloud account. Ideal for press release, website articles, archival, etc. Price quoted is for assignments within 5 miles of my base in Stourbridge.

Filming & Streaming
  • Is your school holding a special event that you would like recorded for posterity?
  • Are your students performing in a show or concert that you would like streamed over the internet?
  • Do you have coursework for Drama or Dance GCSE that would benefit from high quality recording?
  • Are you preparing teaching or CPD materials that could benefit from high quality A/V production?
  • Are you facilitating a conference or Teaching School programme that you would like to make available on the web?
  • Mooma Media can record and/or live-stream your event with either single or multi camera capure in full HD quality with hi fidelity sound.

If you are interested in learning more about our filming and streaming services and how they could support your school, please contact me via my main website:


Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf media project, which introduces key media production concepts, alongside oracy and other key skills; or you want to work with a media in education specialist to develop a bespoke experience for your students; Mooma Media can help!

Projects could include:

  • Student filmed promotional videos
  • School magazine programme
  • Stop motion animation
  • Mini film festival

If you would like to know more, please visit the contact page of my main website:

Curriculum Support

Mooma Media offers in-class curriculum support for for photography, film and media based projects in any subject area or Key Stage, including course specific support for the following Key Stage 4 course components:

WJEC/Eduqas Film Studies GCSE:

  • Core Study Area 1: Key Elements of Film Form
  • Component 3 (Production): Filming Option

Cambridge Creative iMedia Award/Certificate

  • Components RO81, RO82, RO88, RO89 & RO90.

Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production:

  • Components: 2 & 3: All aspects of Audio/Moving Image media production and website production (interactive media).

Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas and AQA Art and Design – Photography (Lens and Light Based Media):

  • Component 1: Portfolio
  • Component 2: Externally set Assignment/Task

As an experienced educator and media practitioner, I will be happy to work alongside classroom teachers to deliver those practical aspects of photography, film and media production, which many classroom teachers find challenging. I can also offer exposure to specialist equipment in supporting practical activities, which is beyond the reach of many schools.

To find out more about how I can support you in delivering your Key Stage 4 Film or Media course, visit the Curriculum Support page. Alternatively, if you have a specific enquiry, please visit the contact page of my main website:

Staff Training
  • Are you planning on developing media production facilities in your school and wondering where to start?
  • Do you need up-skilling in order to deliver a Key Stage 4 course that has a practical photography, film or media element?
  • Is there a curriculum project you’re trying to develop that requires staff CPD in the use of media equipment or software?
  • Are you interested in starting a young film makers club or photography group and need technical training on equipment, software or workflows?

If you would like to find out if Mooma Media can help you to develop your practical media, photography and film making skills, in order to deliver your course or project confidently and successfully; please visit the contact page of my main website:

Technical Support

Technical support services includes:

  • Video and audio editing
  • Media transfer, video transcoding and file conversion (e.g. .MOV to MP4, YouTube to MP4/MP3 audio, audio cassette/CD to MP3, etc)
  • Media duplication (CD, DVD, Flash Drive)
  • Equipment and software trouble shooting
  • Procurement advice

If you don’t see it here, that doesn’t mean I can’t do it! Please visit the contact page of my main website, to outline your requirements.